Best Hikes to Do at Sasquatch Mountain – Ones to Check Out

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Embark on a journey through the diverse landscapes of Sasquatch Mountain, where trails like Cartmell Peak, Village Loop, Eagleview Loop, and Mt. Claudt beckon adventurers of all skill levels. From the challenging ascents of Cartmell Peak and Mt. Claudt to the family-friendly circuits of Village Loop and Eagleview Loop, each path offers its unique blend of natural beauty, wildlife encounters, and breathtaking views.

1. Cartmell Peak


Length8.0 km (5.0 mi) there-and-back
Elevation Gain1,833 ft
Route TypeOut-and-back

The Cartmell Peak trail at Sasquatch Mountain, British Columbia, covers a challenging 8.0 km out-and-back. Beneath the winter sky, Sasquatch Mountain’s Cartmell Peak becomes a sanctuary where ski tracks carve through virgin snow and hikers’ breaths crystallize in the chill, offering an exhilarating respite that merges rugged alpine challenges with moments of sublime stillness. Offering a peaceful, less crowded experience, the best visiting times are May through September. Wandering through forests, snowy landscapes, and awesome lookout points, the path lacks clear markers but you can navigate it with an offline GPS map. Since it’s mostly groomed, snowshoeing in May once the ski resort has closed for the season ensures a rewarding trek with breathtaking scenery.

The Cartmell Peak trail is noted for its steep and sometimes overgrown terrain, so snowshoes are a must. Hikers mention visible trail markers, with conditions ranging from hard-packed snow to icy patches needing spikes in certain sections. Embarking on this ascent, you’re greeted by the familiar grooves of snowmobiles etched into the terrain; ascending further gifts you with a vista at the zenith that snatches your breath away—the expanse of Harrison Lake reflecting heaven itself and peaks rising like timeless guardians around it. For the seasoned snowshoer, this route’s challenging ascent and complex terrain are a siren call to an adventure that peaks with breathtaking panoramas of Harrison Lake—a test of endurance that rewards with a visual feast.

2. Village Loop


Length3.54 km (2.2 mi)
Elevation Gain341 ft
Route Type Loop

The Village Loop, previously called the Sasquatch Base Loop, is a moderately tough 3.5 km trail loop at Sasquatch Mountain. Once christened the Sasquatch Base Loop, the Village Loop’s year-round trails offer an idyllic setting for both avid snowshoers and hikers to bask in tranquil creek melodies and quaint village vistas, presenting an ideal mix of leisurely charm and gentle exertion suited for novices or those craving a mild cardiovascular challenge. With minimal elevation changes, it suits beginners or those seeking a cardio workout. The prime visiting window is November through March – promising beautiful scenery and potential wildlife sightings during the peaceful off-peak times.

In summer and winter, the Village Loop trail at Sasquatch Mountain offers a picturesque, accessible experience open to all. On well-marked trails meandering through charming cabins and lush forests, you’ll discover diverse terrain from flat and wide to immersive nature – all on a free, groomed path. Navigating the trail’s proximity to civilization, you’re seamlessly cocooned by the wilderness; a harmonious sanctuary that offers repose without severing ties with convenience—a verdant haven where serenity is just footsteps away, no cost attached.

3. Eagle View Loop


Length5.3 km (3.29 mi)
Elevation Gain311 m
Route TypeLoop

The Eagleview Loop, a 5.3-km trail at Sasquatch Mountain, British Columbia, offers a moderately challenging experience. Eagleview Loop becomes a snowshoer’s quiet haven when the crowds thin out. It’s like stepping into your own slice of peace, away from the bustle. Venture forth when autumn wanes and winter takes the stage; during this window, the path unfurls through sylvan whispers, offering a tableau of nature’s artistry, wildlife encounters for quiet observers, and trails that young explorers clamor to traverse—a harmonious blend for seekers of serene wilds and zestful escapades. The trail snakes its way through the breathtaking landscapes of Sasquatch Mountain Resort, taking in both snowy slopes and highland ecosystems. This makes for a prime spot if you’re chasing that rush of natural wonder mixed with a touch of athletic rigor.

The Eagleview Loop, recognized for its moderate challenge, is appreciated year-round, with specific notes on its summer and fall appeal. Hikers mention the trail’s slippery gravel sections and the potential for great views, although sometimes obscured by overcast conditions. The trail’s marking and provided maps could improve, with recommendations to use the ski boundary and forest service road (FSR) networks for navigation. Merging untamed wilderness with a few head-scratching paths creates an immersive adventure for those trekking in the off-peak months. It’s this combination of raw scenic allure and the need for sharp navigation skills that can turn a simple hike into an experience to remember. But let’s be real: clear signs and better maps would help big time, especially if they tap into existing ski trails and FSR layouts.

4. Mt Claudt


Difficulty Challenging
Length7.9 km (4.9 mi)
Elevation Gain 522 m
Route Type Out & Back

Mt. Claudt offers a 7.9-km challenging out-and-back trail at Sasquatch Mountain, perfect for hiking or snowshoeing. With an average completion time of 3 hours and 13 minutes, it provides solitude amidst nature. Best visited from May to September, the trail features groomed tracks, limited shade, and sparse markers. While views from Mt. Sure, the vistas from Mt. Claudt might not be vast, but they pack a punch with their own kind of charm. As you trek along, keep your eyes peeled for those brief yet breathtaking peeks at Harrison Lake. They’re like hidden treasures amid the wilds—unexpected rewards that make every step worth it.

Even if you’re only catching snippets of the landscape here and there, these glimpses stitch together to form a rich tapestry of the region’s natural beauty. So yeah, while some spots may offer an uninterrupted panorama, don’t underestimate the allure of these fleeting views—they have a magic all their own. On the trek up the Mt Claudt Trail, you’ll find the journey is anything but monotonous. It’s a path that offers clear signs and stunning summit vistas for those keen on snowshoeing adventures. But it’s not all smooth sailing; there are moments where your sense of direction will be tested, and you might even have to carve your own path through untouched wilderness.

The trail promises variety at every turn—perfectly groomed tracks give way to rugged terrain that keeps even seasoned hikers on their toes. Sure, reaching the peak rewards you with breathtaking views, making any struggle worth it in the end. Remember though, this trek isn’t just about endurance; savvy navigation skills are a must as trails can sometimes lead into dense brush requiring some serious bushwhacking chops.

Final Words on Sasquatch Mountain Hiking

Amidst Sasquatch Mountain’s mosaic of trails, adventurers and serenity-seekers alike unearth their own slice of exhilaration—some paths offer a gentle caress to the spirit, while others promise an adrenaline-fueled crucible that forges resilience. Each path, whether it’s the steep inclines of Cartmell Peak, the tranquil loops of Village and Eagleview, or the rugged terrain of Mt. Claudt, promises an encounter with the wild, scenic beauty and the quiet majesty of nature. Amidst the untamed grandeur of Claudt, Sasquatch Mountain extends an array of trails that beckon hikers from all walks of life; whether you’re in pursuit of tranquility or adventure, each trail unfurls a tapestry of vivid panoramas etching themselves into memory.

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