Sasquatch Mountain Resort vs Big White

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When it comes to choosing a ski resort in British Columbia, two popular options that often come up are Sasquatch Mountain Resort and Big White. These resorts offer different experiences for skiers and snowboarders, catering to various ability levels and preferences.

Here are some interesting statistics comparing Sasquatch Mountain Resort and Big White:

Statistic Sasquatch Mountain Resort Big White
Skiable Terrain300 acres2,765 acres
Vertical Drop355 meters777 meters
Number of Runs34118
Longest Run1.4 miles4.5 miles
Lifts4 chair lifts, 1 magic carpet16 chair lifts

These statistics give a glimpse into the size and offerings of each resort. Sasquatch Mountain Resort may be smaller regarding skiable terrain and number of runs, but it still provides a diverse range of slopes and trails to explore. On the other hand, Big White boasts a larger resort area with more runs and lifts, providing a wider variety of skiing and snowboarding experiences.

Both Sasquatch Mountain Resort and Big White have their own unique attractions, such as Sasquatch Mountain Resort’s laidback vibe and Big White’s reputation for its advanced powder hogs. Whether you’re looking for beginner terrain, challenging black diamond runs, or breathtaking mountain views, these resorts offer something for every skier and snowboarder.

Sasquatch Mountain Resort

Sasquatch Mountain Resort, located in Hemlock Valley, offers a unique mountain experience with its stunning views and affordable accommodation options. The resort is known for its snow quality and has one restaurant available in the area called Molly Hogans. It is an ideal winter getaway for both beginners and advanced skiers.


The resort is conveniently located just a 15-minute drive from the town of Agassiz, making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists. Its proximity to Vancouver, which is only a 90-minute drive away, makes it a popular choice for day trips and weekend getaways.


There are several accommodation options available near Sasquatch Mountain Resort. Visitors can choose from cabins onsite or opt for hotels in the nearby towns of Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs.

Buildings & Lodging

The mountain base area is home to various buildings that house essential facilities for visitors. These include the base lodge, where skiers can find a restaurant, equipment rental services, and ski school. The lodges provide a cozy atmosphere and stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Ski Experience

Sasquatch Mountain Resort offers an outstanding ski experience with its vast, skiable terrain and a wide range of slopes suitable for all levels of skiers.

Skiable Terrain

The resort boasts over 121 hectares of terrain, providing plenty of space for skiers to explore. From beginner terrain for those taking their first snowplow turns to challenge black or double-black diamond runs for advanced skiers, Sasquatch Mountain Resort has it all.

Skiing Ability

The resort caters to skiers of all ability levels, offering a variety of slopes suitable for beginners, intermediate skiers, and advanced powder hogs. Whether you are learning the baby steps or craving an adrenaline rush, Sasquatch Mountain Resort has terrain suited for every skier’s skill level.


To ensure efficient transportation across the mountain, Sasquatch Mountain Resort provides a network of chair lifts and surface lifts. These lifts provide easy access to different parts of the resort, including the summit and the alpine bowls.

Black Diamond Runs

For thrill-seeking advanced skiers, Sasquatch Mountain Resort offers several challenging black diamond runs. From aggressive routes through steep powder to the exhilarating alpine bowl skiing, these runs provide an unforgettable skiing experience.

Big White

Big White, located near Kelowna, is the sixth biggest winter resort in British Columbia, offering over 2,765 acres of skiable terrain. It is known for its challenging terrain and the high-quality dry snow, also known as “champagne powder.” The resort boasts a variety of accommodations, from luxury lodges to affordable hotels and a wide range of activities beyond skiing, such as snow tubing, terrain parks, and horse-drawn sleigh rides.


Big White is situated in British Columbia, Canada, just a 45-minute drive from downtown Kelowna. Its proximity to the city makes it easily accessible for visitors, whether they choose to drive or take public transit. It also offers convenient access to the nearby Kelowna International Airport, further enhancing its accessibility for international travelers.


Big White offers a variety of accommodation types, ranging from luxurious lodges to cozy chalets and affordable hotels.


The mountain base at Big White is well-developed, with a range of buildings that cater to the needs of visitors. There are numerous restaurants and cafes where skiers can refuel and relax between runs. Visitors can also find ski shops and rental centers, ensuring they have all the necessary equipment for an enjoyable day on the slopes.

Skiing Ability

Big White offers a diverse and thrilling ski experience that appeals to skiers and snowboarders of all ability levels. Let’s explore the main aspects:

Skiable Terrain

With over 1119 hectares of terrain, Big White boasts one of the largest ski areas in British Columbia. The mountain offers everything from gentle slopes for beginners to challenging terrain for advanced skiers. The variety of runs, including black diamond runs and tree skiing, ensures that every skier can find something to suit their skill level and preferences.

Ability Levels of Skier

Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps on the slopes or an advanced skier looking for a challenge, Big White caters to all levels of skier. The resort provides ski school programs and lessons for beginners, helping them build confidence and improve their skills. For advanced skiers, there are plenty of opportunities to test their abilities on black or double-black diamond runs.


Getting around the mountain is made easy with Big White’s efficient lift system. The resort features a combination of chair lifts, surface lifts, and gondolas to transport skiers to various parts of the mountain. This ensures minimal time spent waiting in lines and more time spent enjoying the incredible terrain.

Black Diamond Runs

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Big White offers a plethora of black diamond runs. These challenging slopes provide an exciting experience for advanced skiers with steep and varied terrain. Skiers can tackle the aggressive routes in the alpine bowls or enjoy the thrill of alpine bowl skiing.


In conclusion, Sasquatch Mountain Resort and Big White both offer unique experiences. Sasquatch Mountain Resort provides a laidback and affordable option for families and beginner skiers, while Big White offers a vast, skiable terrain with varied levels of difficulty, making it suitable for all levels of skiers. Consider your preferences, budget, and skiing abilities when choosing between these two incredible destinations. Regardless of your choice, you’re guaranteed a fantastic mountain experience and breathtaking views in British Columbia’s alpine wonderland.

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